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Jim has successfully worked to improve

public education here in Louisiana.

About Jim Garvey

Under Jim’s leadership as a member of BESE (Board of Elementary and Secondary Education), our state has made tremendous strides in education. Originally elected to the District 1 BESE seat in 2007, Jim has presided over an unprecedented growth in academic achievement. He has had the honor of serving as both President and Vice President of the BESE Board.

Jim has also been on the leading edge in pushing for new policies and programs that have advanced reform in Louisiana education. He has successfully advocated for the unification of early childhood care within our education system. All Louisiana school districts are now participating in early childhood care and education network pilot programs, which are ahead of schedule for statewide implementation. Through BESE, Jim worked with the legislature to give local superintendents and principals more independence in their own school districts. BESE also helped simplify Louisiana’s accountability system by using letter grades to inform parents and students of their school’s performance.

Jim has worked tirelessly to expand educational options for 
Louisiana families, and he is a strong advocate for school choice.

During Jim’s tenure, the number of charter schools in the state has risen dramatically. He is committed to the education of every child in our state. Louisiana now offers tuition assistance for families with children who have special needs, allowing students to attend specialized schools to meet their unique needs.

Jim is deeply rooted in our community and invested in its future.

Born and raised in Metairie, Jim graduated from Jesuit High School in 1982. He earned his Bachelors of Business Administration in Accounting from Loyola University in 1987. Jim returned to his alma mater in 1991 to receive both his Masters of Business Administration and Juris Doctorate. Jim would go on to become a certified public accountant in 1994. He still resides in Metairie today with his wife, Kathy. Together, they have four children: James, Tommy, Darcy, and Ellie. As busy as he is, Jim enjoys cattle farming and forestry on his farm in St. Tammany Parish, as well as hiking, fishing, and backpacking with his family.


As Board member for BESE District 1, Jim Garvey will continue to stand for higher performance, greater accountability, and local decisions in our schools.

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Endorsed by Congressman Steve Scalise

"Jim Garvey has been a champion for education reform in Louisiana, and I am proud to support Jim in his re-election so he can continue his work to ensure every child in Louisiana receives a quality education."

Endorsed by Senator John Kennedy

"Jim Garvey is a reformer, a conservative and an education leader we need on BESE. He has the courage to do what is right and stand up for our children in Louisiana.”


LEAP Mastery, Students Mastery and above (Grades 3-8)


  • 2015: 37%

  • 2017: 42%

  • Increase: 13.5%


  • 2015: 30%

  • 2017: 32%

  • Increase: 6.6%


  • 2015: 22%

  • 2017: 24%

  • Increase: 9.0%



TOPS Scholarships

2012    - 16,289

2018    - 21,280

** An increase of 30%



Tops Tech Scholarships

2012    - 3,862

2018    - 5,737

** An increase of 48%



ACT Above 21 - students scoring above 21

2013    - 11,510

2018    - 15,756

** An increase of  37%



ACT Above 18 - students scoring above 18

2013    - 18,307

2017    - 25,704

** An increase of 40%



Advanced Placement, Score of 3, 4, or 5

That is, scores that get college credits

2012    - 2,747

2018    - 7,330

** An increase of  167%



Career-Tech Certifications

(Includes only IBC’s that Louisiana WIB’s have certified as “high paying”. Does not include “low paying “IBC’s like MS Word or PowerPoint.)

2014 = 14,473

2017 = 41,281

** An increase of 185% Saves Families $13 million


CLEP, Students Earning College Credit in High School

Students passed with 50+

2015    - 1,229

2019    - 8,084

** An increase of  557%

** Saves Families $7.7 million


Dual Enrollment  Footnote 1

2005   - 3,214

2018  - 24,835

** An increase of 672%

** Saves Families $23 million


Graduation Rate

2012 - 72%

2018 - 81%

** An increase of 4,792 graduates


College Enrollment

2012 - 20,457

2018 - 25,083

** 23% increase

** 4,626 extra students


ACT Comparison

17 states test all students.  Louisiana’s average composite score ranks 12th, ahead of AL, MS, NV, NC, and SC.


AP Credits

For percentage of students who scored 3+, Louisiana ranked 46th in 2018, ahead of AL, NM, AR and MS.  As of 2018 we have increased our numbers by 167% since 2012.  In roughly 2015 we had increased our numbers by roughly 50%.  I checked how we compared, it was dead last, to MS.  We would have to roughly double our numbers again to catch MS, that is - it seemed impossible.  We more than doubled them, and not are ranked 46th.




Footnote 1 - information was taken from the LDOE’s May 15, 2019 Press Release


Footnote 2 - information was taken from LDOE web site on May 21, 2019 -


Footnote 3 - Email from Erin Bendily July 9, 2019